sticker mark forsterMark Forster

We are pleased to welcome the well-known singer as a new ambassador of the cancer society Rhineland-Palatinate as well as of the sponsoring association Mama / Papa to Krebs.


AmedickMartin Amedick

The former central defender and captain of 1. FC Kaiserslautern Martin Amedick came as godfather to our sponsoring. He still supports "Mom / Dad has cancer" eV - today as an ambassador.

Picture: copyright Jens Vollmer




The Brazilian and former FCK player Everson Rodrigues, known as Ratinho, also supported us for a long, active in actions and activities, as well as an ambassador.

More Informations about Ratinho here.

Picture: copyright "Mama / Papa hat Krebs" e.V.


platzhalterThomas Riedl

The Kaiserslautern Thomas Riedl, also former FCK player and himself a father of three, is committed repeatedly for our Förderverein, either in activities or as an ambassador.

More Informations about Thomas Riedl here.

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platzhalterChristian Dingert

The dwelling not far from Kaiserslautern DFB and FIFA referee and is actively involved as an ambassador for "Mama / Papa cancer has" eV

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Stephan Flesch

Stephan Flesch

A native of Kaiserslautern singer supports our Förderverein active, for example, at the annual charity golf tournament, as well as ambassadors.

More Informations about Stephan Flesch here

Picture: copyright Stephan Flesch

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