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joomplu:46Your donation will help children and young people in an extraordinary situation: Online or by bank transfer you to donate online

New Ambassador

sticker mark forsterMark Forster - the new ambassador of Krebsgesellschaft Rheinland-Pfalz and 'Mama/Papa hat Krebs'

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Our Förderverein 'Mum / Dad has cancer' Association was established in April 2010 with the purpose of the association, the project "Mum / Dad has cancer," the cancer society Rheinland-Pfalz eV, to support counseling center Kaiserslautern.

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In April 2009, the Cancer Society Rheinland-Pfalz eV, the project "Mum / Dad has cancer" was launched, which is specifically aimed at children and young people whose lives have been turned upside down by the cancer diagnosis of a parent. In its first year, the project "Mum / Dad has cancer" almost 40 families are looked after and the cancer counseling center Kaiserslautern constantly receive new inquiries. The Foundation has set itself the task of creating the necessary financial framework, in order to send help to the affected families that they so desperately need in this difficult situation.

We thank all supporters of our association

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